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$500 Gift Card Bundle for only $450!

CODE: WebGiftCardBundle
$500 Gift Card Bundle for only $450!

Our five beautiful gift cards, pre-loaded with a value of $100 each. Limit of one gift-card bundle per household per year.

For use at the Metzler Violin Shop in Glendale California only. May not be used on MetzlerViolins.Com at this time.

Gift cards have no expiration date.  Gift cards may be refilled with additional funds, if desired.  Gift cards that are partially used may still be used for future purchases.   The Metzler Violin Shop can check the balance on your card for you at any time.  At this time the Metzler gift cards may used at the Metzler Violin Shop, or for purchases by phone, but not on the current Metzler website.  (This will be fixed in future website updates.)  Gift cards must be treated like cash, and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.  Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash.