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Cheryl Macomber violin, 2016, Sacramento USA, with decorative carved scroll

CODE: VN~M158-1
This instrument is part of the Los Angeles Contemporary Violin & Bow Maker 2017 Exhibition & Sale.

Cheryl A. Macomber, Violin Maker, located in Sacramento, California, keeps busy making violins, violas, cellos, and harps, as well as repair and restoration of the string family. She was born into a very musical family, her parents having met in the university practice rooms, and throughout her life amidst a family of nine who practiced at least 3 hours a day on multiple instruments, making music a part of everyday life. Cheryl’s life fell into place as the One above directed her steps, and she became the last apprentice to Albert C Muller in 1999. She then took over the shop and has received many awards for tone, workmanship and playability for her instruments. They are known for a beautiful, full round tone, ease of playability, and responsiveness, and very rewarding to play. The website for more information is