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M.A. Daddona 4/4 violin, Salisbury Connecticut, USA, 2017

M.A. Daddona 4/4 violin, Salisbury Connecticut, USA, 2017

CODE: VN~D89-2
This instrument is part of the Contemporary American Violin & Bow Maker 2018 Exhibition & Sale, Los Angeles.

Michael Anthony Daddona is a third generation Italian American of Neapolitan descent. He began his career twenty years ago as a furniture maker. Seeking a more refined, traditional expression of his craft he combined his life-long love of music and handwork toward violinmaking.
Already in his early thirties and weary of the time commitment of a four year school, he decided instead to pursue a direct apprenticeship. Michael met Francis Morris as a student at the violinmaking summer courses offered at the University of New Hampshire and entered into an apprenticeship with him in his shop in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. He has also been lucky enough to study with Hans J. Nebel of the Wurlitzer shop of NYC, Paul Wiessmeyer, violinmaker based in Boston, and Olivier Pèrot, Mirecourt trained luthier based in Montreal.
Michael is currently the shop foreman at Francis Morris Violins, where he strives daily to meet the high standards and example Francis sets in his shop. He takes inspiration from the harmony of design found in the work of classical Cremona, but also the flexibility of execution.