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Martin Beilke violin bow, silver/ebony

Martin Beilke violin bow branded "M. O. BEILKE" with the number "183 IV" carved into the stick beneath the frog.

The handsome octagonal Pernambuco stick is a medium orange-brown in color, and is mounted with an ivory head-plate and a whalebone and lizard-skin grip at the handle. The ebony frog is silver-mountedand bears simple pearl eyes on each side. The ebony button is mounted with two silver rings and a Parisian eye in the end. Weight = 61 grams.

Martin Beilke was born in 1897 and died in 1979, spending most of his working career in Minneapolis. He was a self-taught violin maker and bow maker, but is best known for his bows - usually Tourte or Pecatte models. He made frequent visits to Simone Sacconi and Rembert Wurlitzer, and became a bow expert in his own right. He is considered one of America's preeminent early bow makers.

This bow is a fine specimen for either a player or collector, and is in pristine condition.