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Stephen Lohmann cello with one-piece back, 2013, Fair Oaks, California, USA

CODE: CL~L136-1
This instrument is part of the Los Angeles Contemporary Violin & Bow Maker 2018 Exhibition & Sale.

My introduction to violinmaking came forty years ago, in Cremona, Italy. I enrolled there at the International School for Violinmaking, but also benefited from mentoring provided by my friend and colleague, Francis Kuttner. After three years in Cremona I returned to San Francisco to work at Frank Passa’s violin shop. I’ve subsequently worked at the shops of Boyd Poulsen and Carl Applebaum in California, and Olympia WA., respectively. Since 1992 I’ve been in the Sacramento area, working independently as a maker and repairer.
My instruments are fashioned in the Italian manner, a process I began to learn so many years ago, and continue to deepen my understanding of to this day. It’s a privilege do be able to do this work, and to come into contact with many outstanding people, musicians and luthiers alike.