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Wohlfahrt (Rosen): My First Wohlfahrt (violin)

Wohlfahrt (Rosen): My First Wohlfahrt (violin)

Wohlfahrt (Rosen): My First Wohlfahrt (violin), method book, Fischer/Presser (O5552), printed sheet music, notes

How to Use This Book 2 Preface 3 About Amy Rosen 3 Violin Fingering Chart (finger patterns in first position) 4 The Four Open Strings and the Notes to be Played on Them in First Position, Op., 38 5 Values of the Notes and Rests 5 Key of D Major 6 Fourth Finger Exercises 7 Key of G Major 8 Key of C Major 10 Dotted Half-Note Practice 12 KeyofAMajor 13 Key of E Major 16 Key of B Major 16 Sixteenth-Note Practice 16 Key of F Major 18 Key of Bb Major 19 Key of Eb Major 20 Key of Ab Major 21 Technique Section Half and Whole Bow Practice 22 Slurring from One String to Another 24 Practice with Rests 24 Exercises in Bowing over Two Strings-Double Stops 26 Practice Reading Accidentals 26 Exercises with #,b and without Signature 26 Practice with Dotted Quarter Notes 28 Exercises on Tied Notes 28 Practice with Syncopated Notes 29 Waltz - Hans Sitt, Op. 26, No. 6 30 Romance without Words - Jean Cont 31 Petite Gavotte - J. Danb, Op. 20, No. 3 32